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Ashlee Simpson Dress Up

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A young, talented and free-spirited musician celebrity. Ashely Simpson is known for her dynamic fashion sense. Dress her up and have fun!

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No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2013-07-08 by Guest
i want to specialize in evyinthreg so cosmetology, and i also want to do makeup. i live in texas though so there isn't a lot of places, but maybe there is i just don't know it yet, where would you recommend?and would you recommend going to cosmetology school/beauty school right after highschool? http://ljgsjmesq.com [url=http://qmysmhkaov.com]qmysmhkaov [/url] [link=http://srfwdxdc.com]srfwdxdc[/l ink]

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Posted 2013-07-05 by Guest
i need help ill be going to a cosmetology scoohl like next year but its all about hair not makeup and in my state u dont need to be licensed to be a makeup artist.. now the problem is, i am in Austin TX and i have been searching a lot i cant find any scoohl that teaches makeup its just workshops or short 1 or 2 day courses or just private lessons.. now i do not even know basics. i am going to start with the basics by watching videos but how do i learn the rest of the stuff like colours

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Posted 2013-04-07 by Guest
At last, somoene who comes to the heart of it all

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Posted 2010-07-05 by Guest
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Posted 2008-05-13 by Guest
Hey what is up girl I really like that off it

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