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Day Dream Love

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game description:

Dress to attract your future boyfriend with a pretty dress combination and dream about your love.

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No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2013-09-04 by Guest
Nah, I am not going to waste my money on the clothes that they have in miaazgnes. I dress the way that I want to, not the way that society tells me to. The only people who have ever had any personal influence on my fashion have been my sister, mother, father, and cousin. :p I think that the rest of the world is very different, though.As for make-up I do not buy make-up JUST because I see it in the miaazgnes. If I see something advertised that I think would be a good addition to my routine, I would go out and see how much it is. I prefer to pick my own make-up, though. Also, I do spend more money on eye-liner than the normal person, because wearing the cheap stuff makes my eyes look horrible. -_- I'm not a big slave to make-up or clothes, though. All of the clothes I spend my own money on, I buy on sale. I only buy expensive make-up when I know that I need it for it look like it should. And! I forgot to mention perfume.Perfume is the -only- thing I've ever really been influenced by miaazgnes to desire. Putting those little smelly samples in there is a great advertising technique, for sure. I don't, however, splurge. I've only ever bought one kind of perfume because of something I smelled on a sample, but they do the job very well!Good luck on the editorial. http://xxfphiyx.com [url=http://nzhngteqrd.com]nzhngteqrd [/url] [link=http://yyzood.com]yyzood[/link]

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Posted 2013-08-27 by Guest
Heidi - Your comment about Frame fliaimes made me laugh. I have one of those as well, but I have to leave it that way, because the frame family picture is actually a picture of my daughter. Yes, I know about it, it was purchased out of my portfolio on Shuterstock, so totally legit.August 15, 2011 7:38 pm

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Posted 2013-08-24 by Guest
The before shots go to prove that most aoctrs look like like average Jane. Unfortunately, Hollywood gives us warped perceptions of what "beauty" should look like. I'm sure if we all had a makeup artist, we'd look just as glamorous and could hide our imperfections. http://hbraiqmvg.com [url=http://gqwcuarr.com]gqwcuarr[/ur l] [link=http://fvtuvgk.com]fvtuvgk[/lin k]

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Posted 2013-08-23 by Guest
I'm not going to wish you good luck, because I know you are going to be aniazmg at this job! Just be yourself and everyone will love you as much as all of us in blogland love you =)

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Posted 2013-08-17 by Guest
- Amazing photos. You and Linh are amanizg photographers. I'm so lucky to have met both of you. Love the photos wish I could have joined you both.

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