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Bowlerama Betty

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game description:

Help Betty look her best while bowling in style.

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No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2014-03-04 by Guest
I love hats@ Sunshyne...Yes I mulitask under this all the time..hahah @ my fahsoin frenzy...Thanks@ Princess Katrina..Thanks Sis@ beauty gumbo..Yes the hats work as great protectors in the winter too..@ be-you....That sounds like something I would do..hahaha@ anonymous..Sounds great....Try it and see how it works out...Sound very moisturizing@ fahsoin guro...Thanks Girl@ anonymous...Well u know coconut changes form when its hot or cold...I just put it in my hands and rub and it melts down@ just jasmine...Thats something I need to try ..@ PJD...Thanks Sis@ Stephanie... Yep it was cute when they rocked it too...hahaha@ ambrosia...Yes they do..HahahaThanks Ladies for your comments

user comments:

Posted 2014-03-03 by Guest
Every bit as good (or better) than the ptucires show I purchased the pink and purple color variety for my (nearly three year old) daughter for Halloween dress up. Because she is approaching the dress up for pretend play stage I wanted something that she could wear after Halloween for pretend, and that she could put on and off easily herself. I thought that she would enjoy imagining herself as a ballerina because she likes to bounce through the house calling ballet moves that she learned on TV and DVD's. I looked at many different Tutu's on Amazon Marketplace. This one seemed to be a good balance between cost and quality. Although (obviously) much more expensive than the little bits of net material on elastic bands that they sell in dollar stores, it looked as good, at least in the ptucires, as much more expensive Tutu's. It also had the look that I liked, falling into a skirt but also very full and ruffled.After I ordered it, my daughter, with typical two year old opposition, decided that she wanted to be a ghost. Having waited until middle age to have a daughter, I hoped that she would change her mind when she saw the beautiful skirt. I want to parade my beautiful daughter up and down the street looking gorgeous, not throw a sheet over her head!!!I prepared myself for a let-down, like last year's LCD dress that lit up for an hour a month before Halloween and would not be fixed no matter what I did. However, the skirt is every bit as lovely as in the picture. It is very full and bounces and flounces as my daughter hops around (shouting Arabesque! Brise9! )What cannot be seen in the picture is that the material is also kind of shimmery and iridescent. The material is soft and comfortable, not stiff. A child shouldn't have any trouble wearing it for several hours, sitting in it, etc. The softness of it also contributes to how well it moves with the child. It is sized well. I have seen cheap dress up tutus that say 6x but don't even fit my size 3-4 daughter. This is large enough for inexperienced hands to slip on easily and should fit her for a couple years. The colors in the pink and purple style blend into each other really nicely, due to purple layers falling over pink between the all purple top and all pink lowest layers. It is satin around the waistband and embellished with a pretty satin ribbon.Best of all, my daughter has agreed to save the white sheet over her head for scaring Mommy and visitors at home. http://entstcbzwu.com [url=http://cupszsj.com]cupszsj[/url] [link=http://fgxklk.com]fgxklk[/link]

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