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Denise Richards Dressup

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game description:

The lusty and now single Denise Richards needs to be dressed up to attract that special man. Looking good is the goal.

game instructions:

No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2014-12-26 by Guest
Ok, I do understand Elvis and the meoivs blah blah. I'm old enough to have watched them too although as repeats. However time has gone on and nine year olds just don't get it and their moms don't really either and who on earth has this stuff in their closets! Unless there was one of those many 50 s dances that have been going on now for years then maybe someone got ambitious and made one!haha Personally I'm a 70 s girl!!

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Posted 2014-12-25 by Guest
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Posted 2012-12-31 by Guest
Great hammer of Thor, that is powerlfuly helpful!

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