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Ghetto Girl MaKe Up

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game description:

This urban city ghetto girl wants to put on some colorful make up in the ghetto girl make up games. She's going to a club to dance so pick out colorful make up and mascara and eyeshadow to make up this girl pretty.

game instructions:

No Instructions Provided.

user comments:

Posted 2013-08-18 by Guest
GB, :)Making note to do more stupid faces. Tara, Thanks girl! It's lrebiating. I am becoming my daughter's little home grown psychology project. I want to see her video now and watch her watch herself and see how she reacts! RCB, I guess the point is that I make those faces because it's just what my face does when I talk. I'm ok with being animated. Doesn't bother me anymore. This was just a step to put something out there and not worry if anyone else doesn't like it because it's me.

user comments:

Posted 2009-06-19 by Guest
This is so rubbish i'd rather stick pins in my eyes ! ahahaha x Seriously though what on earth ?

user comments:

Posted 2009-06-12 by Guest
dis game alright more stuff 4 realz lolz

user comments:

Posted 2009-06-07 by Guest
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm the clothes i a little bad!!!

user comments:

Posted 2009-05-09 by Guest

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