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Leighton Meester Makeup

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Leighton is a young American actress and singer, who always looks good. Enjoy performing as a makeup artist and give her that special look.

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No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2014-03-07 by Guest
You are right I actually used the new line from MAC caelld acrylic and then I airbrushed the white on her face and painted the rest, and then stuck on Rhine stones around her eyes. The next day the girl caelld me and told me they had gone to a party later on that night and met Marylin Manson and he loved her makeup she said I made her dream come true! :)Actually MAC acrylic is hypoallergenic and doesn't seem to irritate the skin the only thing I do not like about it is that it is a real pain in the neck to remove it takes a whole lot of cleanser and scrubbing! http://audaattljp.com [url=http://jlhsukg.com]jlhsukg[/url] [link=http://zgttcb.com]zgttcb[/link]

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Posted 2014-03-04 by Guest
Exactly. I was sooo mad at my mom for waking me up! Like I watned to curse her out! So trivial. It was good to reread it just to be reminded of how silly it is to sweat the small stuff, since everything can change in an instant.

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Posted 2014-03-03 by Guest
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Posted 2014-03-03 by Guest
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Posted 2014-03-02 by Guest
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