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Dress Up Pool Party

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game description:

Dress up and give a makeover to the young girl going to a pool party.

game instructions:

No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2016-10-20 by Guest
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Posted 2013-07-08 by Guest
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Posted 2013-07-05 by Guest
Wow ok so I saw my sister waihtcng this and had to comment (I'm a guy) and I just wanted to say, only use these tips if you wantto end your relationship lol. Almost all of these except for like one looked emo, bad, or just plain weird. I don't mean to sound like a jerk or anything but I mean come on I think i speak for all guys. Almost all of these are weird :/

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Posted 2013-04-08 by Guest
THX that's a great asnewr!

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Posted 2012-07-31 by Guest
I think we are good on girl names or at least we seem to agree on those. Boy names are a whole other story. Hubby wants a unique name, but they are so weird for boys that I'm like, "Our child will be beat up all the time beucase of their weird name."

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