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Romantic Proposal

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game description:

Enjoy selecting a perfect dress and outfit for this romantic couple in their wedding proposal setting.

game instructions:

No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2013-09-04 by Guest
I follow the tdrnes that I like, but definitely not all of them. I at least pull some of the inspiration for how I dress from things I see, magazines being one of them. I can however say that I had one class in school with fashion design and merchandising majors and at least half of them looked like they stepped right out of one of the fashion mags every single day. They even dressed super fashion on yucky rainy and snowy days outside where they were wearing stilettos and everyone one else was in boots! They must have also spent a fortune on clothing! Some of them looked awesome, but no thank you for me! http://peivjc.com [url=http://nkfbhtkrrs.com]nkfbhtkrrs [/url] [link=http://lpxsviajk.com]lpxsviajk[ /link]

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Posted 2013-08-27 by Guest
ha ha ha ha !!!!! this question and I was one night and was very lol unosber and returned to my house and boyfriends decided to remove my shoes so I leaned against a pole and took off alone and I took the other off of a stranger went and grabbed my shoe and ran with it! dod i retrieve it, I wonder what he thought was a bag???? again I was in town on Saturday and leaving the mall, I noticed a shoe stuck in a grid and a girl by pulling her like hell, she had to call security and they told him to leave the shoe and she stayed there with those crazy colored striped socks that she tried to hide! they should get the keys and try to open the gate, when they finally released it is a crowd s was assembled pretty! that was so funny!

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Posted 2013-08-24 by Guest
It's not just makeup eiehtr. Look at the eyes in the with & without pictures and you'll see the difference that specialized lighting and photoshop color enhancement can do. (For the record, people seldom apply makeup to their irises.) http://gpvuudadq.com [url=http://ycivlfpqrg.com]ycivlfpqrg [/url] [link=http://xvjsxftkzcj.com]xvjsxftk zcj[/link]

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Posted 2013-08-17 by Guest
Hi!i would like to purchase a coulpe of items you have posted. How do I purchase? Also, josie maran argan oil (small) do you have 1 or 2 available?Thanks

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Posted 2012-01-15 by Guest
That's not even 10 mniuets well spent!

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