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Royal Bride Dressup

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game description:

There's a big wedding at the palace and Shirley is the Royal Bride - what gown will she pick for her special day?

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No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2015-01-07 by Guest
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Posted 2014-12-26 by Guest
Non any rules! Just play with! Try to put it above an e/s or do it on your clear eye lid, just find the way, which you'll be like!Usually I like to put something gtietlring/sparkling on top of eye shadows. For more intense look use some liquid 'n stuff :)

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Posted 2014-12-26 by Guest
it in much simpler terms or fewer words, but i tohught you deserved more you are a HUGE inspiration. Not that the statement means much to you, Im just a baby in the photography world, but my appreciation for art I guess you can say is as an aged grandmothers. Thank you for you beautiful work im in awe by it tohught you should know the impact you have had on me and my making the first steps (baby steps) into the photography realm. Your photographs are art and your style is patented! never seen anything like it and your story is beautiful too just wanted you to know you have touched someone many miles away, that you dont know and probably will never meet. Thank youGod bless you in abundance! hope he opens up the floodgates of heaven and pours numerous blessings on you and your family.Love,Daley

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