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Tyra Banks Dressup

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game description:

Tyra Banks is a beautiful model, turned talk show host and actress. Help dress Tyra in cool outfits and beautiful dresses.

game instructions:

No Instructions Provided.

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Posted 2013-09-06 by Guest
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Posted 2013-08-27 by Guest
In Venice. Walking through the stetres of mules when this idiot kid running about six stepped on my foot. When I pulled off my shoe under it came to sailing in the channel. Wearing a beaded cocktail dress that I return to my hotel hindered (30 minutes walk), shoeless. The tide was high and my foot felt like a sewer.

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Posted 2013-08-25 by Guest
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Posted 2013-08-23 by Guest
Hi Jacqueline!!! I just realized this look I did yesdertay could work with the "Ice Cream" Inspired theme!! Kind of "Strawberry Ice Cream" themed!! Used the Spoiled Brat Trio from WetnWild and loving that palette!!! Been using it a LOT lately~!!! HUGS~!!!https://www.facebook.com/glam wife?ref=hl#!/photo.php?fbid=44373939 2333184&set=a.346554408718350.84324.3 26927304014394&type=1&theater¬if_t =photo_comment(Hopefully that link works! haha!)

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Posted 2013-08-20 by Guest
I was looking for some pottao recipes because we just bought a 10 lb. bag of pottaoes! This is perfect. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video for all of us to enjoy. Looking forward to making these.

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